Carriage of fresh or frozen products

If you produce, distribute or supply fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy products, fish or meat, you certainly aim to provide high-quality, fresh products. If such cargo is to be delivered to your customers in perfect shape and on time, it is best to use the services of a professional haulier with the necessary practical experience.

XD-LOGISTICS is a professional partner in logistics and the carriage of foodstuffs, including frozen food, in temperature-controlled vehicles.

Such cargo should be delivered in refrigerated vehicles. XD-LOGISTICS operates a fleet of refrigerated trucks, each large enough to carry 22.5 tonnes of cargo or 33 EUR-pallets. Our fleet also includes smaller refrigerated trucks, with space for 16 EUR-pallets (or 6 tonnes). If, however, your cargo is even smaller, why not let us carry it for you in one of our refrigerated vans, designed for 8 EUR-pallets (or 1.5 tonnes) each? Each of the vehicles in our fleet is fitted with a temperature control system. We can transport your goods at temperatures ranging from -25 to +25 centigrade. The temperature of the cargo is recorded by thermographs. Unlike other hauliers, we will keep in touch with our drivers and you, our customer, while your shipment is en route to its destination. This is what makes us stand out !

We operate a young vehicle fleet and have the necessary resources to transport cargo to many countries, which allows us to provide our customers with tailored solutions.